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Long Term Athletic Development: SwimSkills

As a member of Transition swimmers should be able to:

  • Attend at least two (ideally three) sessions a week.

  • Perform all four strokes legally and have a working knowledge of the laws of starts and turns.

  • Use the pace clock.

  • Have a positive attitude to training both technically and physically.

  • Have sufficient mental and physical development to train at a low level.

  • Have adequate land discipline.

  • Show a desire to compete at DSC ‘Splash Nights’, annual Club Championships and a minimum of two open meets a year if age requirements are met.


The aim of this squad will be to:

  • Provide consistency of performance of techniques of all four strokes under ASA law.

  • Provide consistency of starting and turning skills under ASA law.

  • Introduce Team and Open Meet competition.

  • Refine training skills.

  • Provide increased aerobic and short sprint training.

  • Ensure that all strokes are safe enough for distance and intensity to be increased without injury.

  • To build skills and application through Open competition. Provide preparation for competitive swimming in both open & team events.

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