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DSC Team Management Software - Spond


The committee have been looking at ways that we can streamline our membership and contact information. We have spoken to other swimming clubs and the platform that many of them use is Spond. 


With Spond we can have all our members contact details to hand (only administrators can see the contact information), set up team events, social events or galas, monitor attendance and most importantly send urgent messages to the whole club, or just to specific squads. We can also arrange fundraising through the app! 


Upon joining the club you will also receive an email to sign up for Spond. When signing up to Spond you do get the option to keep your contact details hidden from other members.

You can also ask to join by clicking this link


Initially we will just be using Spond as a membership and contact details database. Our next phase will be to use Spond to invite swimmers to team galas. 


There is no obligation for you to sign up to Spond, however we do aim to use this app more in the next few months to make things more streamlined across the club. 


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or Tim.

Sarah Cooper


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