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Long Term Athletic Development Stage: Training to Train

As a member of Performance Squad swimmers should be able to:

  • Attend at a minimum of four sessions per week with additional cardio workouts outside the pool, including a minimum of at least one gym/cardio session per week.

  • Potential to achieve at Regional/National Level.

  • Proven performance at County level in multiple strokes and distances with at least one stroke at Regional Level.

  • A positive attitude to training both technically and physically (also focusing on anaerobic development).

  • Compete in a minimum of four open meets per year in order to gain qualifying entry times for County/Regional/National competitions.


The aim of this squad will be to:

  • Provide consistency of performance of techniques of all four strokes to a high level.

  • Provide consistency of starting and turning skills under ASA law to a high level.

  • Provide a balanced competition programme.

  • To have full knowledge of SMART goals for each periodised plan.

  • Retain training skills including heart rate monitoring, target time use and provide increased test sets.

  • Provide further increased anaerobic, short sprint training and significant anaerobic training.

  • Provide access to nutritional and psychological knowledge and skill development.

  • Targeting regional/national qualification.

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